Abundance Affirmation Cards

Tap into the universal law of attraction. Align your thoughts, feelings and actions to create abundance.
This inspiring set of Abundance Affirmation + Intention Setting Cards will help nourish your sub-conscious and support you to develop a positive money mindset and empowering money habits.  

Use these cards to set monthly intentions, take actionable steps and align with powerful affirmations to guide you on the path towards creating the life of abundance you dream of.  

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Whilst powerful, positive thoughts and affirmations alone are not enough.

This powerful quote holds the key to mastering your relationship with money.  

To make truly transformational change you need to align your thoughts, feelings and actions towards abundance

Mastering your relationship with money using these affirmation cards is simple – it works on three levels

Step 1: ABUNDANT FEELINGS: Direct your energy for the month by setting an intention on the new moon (a powerful time to manifest and set new goals). 

Step 2: ABUNDANT ACTIONS: Take control by selecting a wealth focus + action card to start manifesting real change and abundance. 

Step 3: ABUNDANT THOUGHTS: Choose an affirmation card and repeat to cultivate a positive mindset and embed change.  Choose new affirmations daily, weekly or monthly.  
What You Receive:
 ​​​​​​Abundance Affirmation Card Specs:

Pack of 52 Cards including:
☆ 12 New Moon Intention Setting Cards - choose an inspiring intention for the month eg Harmony, Focus, Acceptance
☆ 8 Guided Focus Cards - choose an area to focus on for as long as you need
eg - Spending, Saving, Growing, Visioning, Protecting, Giving, Simplifying, Learning
with practical mindful wealth action tips on the back
☆ 30 Daily Affirmation Cards - Support your journey to abundance with positive mindset and beliefs
- Front side: Featuring an empowering wealth and abundance affirmation
- Back side: inspiration for self-reflection - let your inner wisdom guide you
☆ 2x Guidance Cards to get the most out of your Abundance Affirmation and Intention Setting Card set.

☆ Card size:  89x89mm square on thick coated card stock
☆ Online Abundance Manifestation Guide - access downloadable guide in pdf for use with your cards .
☆ Rigid style box - a great way to protect and store your cards.

"To manage our money well,
we need to manage ourselves well"
L E A   S C H O D E L
Founder of The Mindful Wealth Movement

Receive a beautiful bonus

When you order your Abundance Affirmation Cards, you'll be spreading abundance.  We are a social enterprise, so the money generated through sales of these cards enables us to deliver more financial education programs for vulnerable women.

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